How does it work?

There are several portals – internal and public facing. For example, a quarter of enquiries are entered via a self service form on average across our client base.

AXLR8 IRMS Portals
secure internal portals and storage with APIs for public disclosure

The workflow supported includes all FOI requests and EIR requests for a busy information governance team a well as FOISA requests in Scotland CDP, ADP etc.

The “Timer” works in your jurisdiction by allowing you to add only those bank holidays excluded for your business in addition to weekend days . Thus, only “working days” count for the purposes of calculating deadlines for response.

Certain job status values may be configured to pause or restart or reset the timer – both for the information requests themselves and also for any Reviews and Appeals.

IRM workflow for Freedom of Information requests
FOI and EIR as well as FOISA and requests for information from public bodies in different jurisdictions

Subject Access Requests workflow differes and th etiming and valid work days to he deadline do not exclude weekends and banhk holidays.

Subjetc Access Rquest workflow
How the AXLR8 IRMS supports Subject Access Requests

How does it work for public disclosure

AXLR8 provide a public Disclosure Log page you can plug into your website. Alternatively, the option of an API has many advantages for security, search and flexibility.

In many cases it also helps reduce incoming IR volumes as some people can find their answers on this public portal.

In order to make the task of searching through them easier, various facilities have been provided through a search browser including: key words search such as “planning” or “health” etc, a meetings diary, an A-Z search, a tree menu navigator and more.

System facilities:

Click here to view a diagram that shows the supported workflow.

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