Information Compliance Systems

The original application was built with West Sussex County Council e-government partnership, led by Arun District Council using Prince2. The philosophy behind these ‘Pathfinder’ projects is that one public organisation develops a working system and proves it. Other organisations can then acquire it at low risk and low cost, without wasting public funds reinventing the wheel.

Importantly, the system costs include an unlimited user licence, data migration, full support and maintenance, training and upgrades as part of our continuous improvement programme.

Our price point makes it uneconomical for your organisation to write the specification – let alone develop and test the software application, documentation, data import work and the other services that AXLR8 provide as one package.

Such a sophisticated application is so competitively priced because we continue to achieve a high volume of sales and have the CRM systems in place to implement and support large numbers of government customers – centrally and efficiently. This is possible because AXLR8 specialises in this application and have achieved economies of scale.

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