Product Features

Information Request Tracker provides the required functionality of a CRM
Information requests may be entered and classified. The appropriate service unit/directorate(s) can be chosen for parts or all of the request. Work may be shared without loss of viibilty or clear lines of responsibility. Alerts and reminders “keep the ball moving”. Progress can be monitored with management reports on demand. Self service web entry is provided. Documents are attached (handles redactions and versions) Exemption handling and managment of private and sensitive data. Automatically provides a public disclosure log and publication scheme with search facilities. DMS features store limitless amounts of documents in electronic form so that your staff and the public can find and view them quickly. If you have identified documents that are simply not practical to scan or import, you can still index physical files so that they are easy to locate. This is an essential requirement of the Freedom of Information Act and may not normally be provided by EDM/ERM systems. You can enter a request and the system does the rest!

Easy to integrate with existing systems (CMS, DMS, etc)
We understand that any system like ours does not operate in a vacuum, so FastTrack can interact with other commonly used systems.

Industry standard components
The whole FastTrack application is based upon the typical components that work in your desktop environment, and the data is held on your choice of database. This brings benefits of inter-operability that reduce system integration costs.

Maintenance of the document catalogue is supported by a secure site for staff to add documents and the robust workflow ensures that the appropriate levels of management approval are in place before publication on the live website.

Supports standards
AXLR8 have set out to apply standards from the beginning (iMAN, APLAWS, e-GIF, etc.).

Includes documentation
Constantly updated documentation is available because we specialise in this area. Many internal developments forget this important area.

Includes training
Professional training for two administrators plus user groups allows your organisation to cascade train or use our user training at your option. This means you are up and running faster.
Includes support, hosting, enhancements and many more services
Putting it simply, you need only to consider the service as a medium for your information publishing. You have total control – both contractually and technically. However, you also get a level of service that is unsurpassed by the best internal support departments. The AXLR8 help desk provides enhancements, helpdesk, business process advice, guidance, and new ideas. The knowledge is not just drawn from one organisation, but the ideas and experiences of many other public authorities.

Enhancement requests from all over UK improve the system
The original Arun FOI system has been enhanced continually and will be for many years to come. Enhancement requests and their progress are logged on the helpdesk and published so that our clients can monitor their progress. Our clients can be confident that there is a continual stream of ideas and feedback from the growing list of active and critical users, and customers that drive the continuous improvement process.

Audit and Editorial Control
Editorial control is maintained in a way that is compatible with market leading CMS and DMS Systems. This means that an authorised content administrator or technical administrator can see when all the changes were submitted, authorised and published enabling your organisation to run a “tight ship”, on publishing information to the public. Your FoI lead can take full responsibility and authority for your organisation’s FoI service personally. They can control the catalogue, document insertion, updating and destruction without having to be a computer expert or rely on your IT Department or Web Manager to allocate time (and, perhaps, cross-charges), to make the changes needed. It also empowers them to monitor, manage and enhance your FoI service, keep up with regulatory and legal changes, organisation and staffing changes, document status changes, charging policies and media enhancements. This makes for a fulfilling role that can offer significant benefits to your organisation.