If you missed the Working Lunch with AXLR8  bite-sized training chunks, all the recordings can be seen here.

If you are unsure on any definitions throughout the videos, please go to our IRM definitions page.

1. Workflow KPIs

A walk through dashboards and tracking IRs.

2. Logging a Request

This video demonstrates how to do request creations, auto creations, adding notes and adding documents.

3. IRs and Activities

Activities required to achieve the response to the IR.

4. Progress Tracking

The video will be a demonstration on The calendar: Bank holidays, FOIs and SARs. Public and private notes and documents. Alerts, triggers and expediting weekend, working days and holidays.

5. Information Request Manager Portal

Video on access rules, applicant blind, reports, documents and updating progress.

6. Reviews and Appeals

7. Super User Functions 1

8. Super User Functions 2

9. Super User Functions 3 – Report Builder

10. Super User Functions 4