Working Lunch with AXLR8

AXLR8 did a training for clients to bring on new users and build up knowledge for those who are building super user capability.

Don’t worry if you missed the lunches, all the recordings are below!

DayTitleAgendaAimed atRecordings
1Introduction – overview and definitionsWorkflow supported definitions list management of an IRUsers
2Workflow KPIsDashboards, tracking IRs.UsersVideo
3Logging a requestRequest creation, auto creation, adding notes, adding documentsUsersVideo
4IRs and activities (tasks)Activities required to achieve the response to the IR.UsersVideo
5Progress trackingThe calendar: Bank holidays, FOIs and SARs. Public and private notes and documents. Alerts, triggers and expediting weekend, working days and holidays. UsersVideo
6Information request manager portalAccess rules, applicant blind, reports, documents and updating progress.UsersVideo
7Reviews and appealsReviews, appeals, timescales & audit. How to read audit trails, notes, history and mail attach. UsersVideo
8Public disclosure logPreparation and clean up, notes, documents, privacy. API for web presentation.SuperUsers
9Super user functions 1Data cleaning and retention, keeping your data clean, removing duplicates, DPIA and information asset register. SuperUsersVideo
10Super user functions 2Drop down menus, lookups, labelsSuperUsersVideo
11Super user functions 3Report builderSuperUsersVideo
12Super user functions 4Creating new user accounts, granting and revoking access rights.SuperUsersVideo