AXLR8 MessageStore has been implemented live on client systems for IRMS audit trail for 15 years but the product already evolved and improved in commercial clients beforehand.

This article shows the experience we can bring to linking the electronic conversations with your

  • IRMS (information request management system)
  • CMS (case management system)
  • complaints management system
  • repairs management system
  • job tracking system
  • project management system
  • other systems

With MessageStore (more details here), your emails attach automatically to the request/complaint/job/person and form part of your knowledgebase. Information is found quicker and more easily. The audit trail is also automatically enhanced by the additional emails. No more cutting and pasting email contents into notes.

The MessageStore is just one more facility that is doing the work automatically to save work and enhance productivity of your IG or case or complaints management team.

Contact us if you feel it would be a good addition to your workflow.