Many clients have been with us in Scotland for more than ten years. Time brings new requirements for any application.

The system is capable of

  • auto deletion of IRs and private information over 3 years old
  • delayed disposal for those IRs which been subject to a review or appeal up to 6 years
  • deleting private information for applicants where they are associated with the above IRs and have no current requests.
  • providing a destruction log for thise who require it
  • giving the administrators “Safetynet” reports to show what will be deleted on any given date so any item can be “saved” if required.

For more information, definitions and a generic set of business rules for the functions, please see this document: AXLR8_OSIC_Retention_Automation_2022-Mar.pdf.

Please contact AXLR8 on 013444 776500 if you would like to know more/.