As I finish the screenshots and demo material for today’s Working Lunch with AXLR8 (Day 7) “Reviews and Appeals” session, I am reminded just how much functionality we have for Information request:

  • Late closure recording (and prevention alerts!)
  • Reviews
  • Appeals/Applications
  • Complaints

….and associated audit tools for public sector information request managers.

I worked online with one of our senior programmers reviewing this very specific functionality and various different options for clients who wanted bespoke option switched on or off. It was very detailed as you would expect from 18 years of client feedback, experience and work on the system. For example:

  • Can certain admins reopen a closed IR and if so what type?
  • Can an admin reopen or change an IR that is under review
  • Once an Appeal is started, can you change a review and if so, what can you change and when?

All these changes are in an audit trail together with e-correspondence so that an external or internal auditor can check facts and event time stamps.

Some how I heed to fit that into a 20 minute time slot for the session!

Contact us if you feel our system can help your organisation save admin time and money and offer applicants a faster service.