Once FOI (SA) and EIRs are logged (though not SARs and private or sensitive requests), they should be presented on a public website. The main reason for this requirement is transparency. Public authorities differ on whether they must do this and if so, what should be included.

By placing the responses on your business public website, you will provide people with an opportunity to find the answers with out having to raise a duplicate request. This is not always effective but must help. Even if they do request information that has been provided to previous applicants, you can just sign post them to the previous responses. Most applicants would agree this answers their needs and your work is reduced once more.

Thankfully, AXLR8 have a complete and compliant solution for:

  • selecting Information Request Types where publication is blocked e.g. SARs and sensitive FOI(SA) Requests or sensitive EIRs
  • making all FOI and EIR notes and documents private unless actively changed by an authorised officer.
  • An API where you board/department/authority’s web design team can publish what they deem appropriate.
Configuring your Public Disclosure Log to enforce good practice.
Configuring your Public Disclosure Log

Here are some examples of live data on a PDL from AXLR8 systems:

Wokingham Borough Council PDL

City of Edinburgh PDL

Fife Council PDL