I was contacted on Friday by a customer to inform me that they were changing their old webiste CMS to Drupal and could we help the migration team with the AXLR8 PDL API (the software that allows integration of their public website to the AXLR8 IRMS). That brought back memories of our Drupal site 15 years go. In truth, I cannot recall if it was before or after the Joomla adventure. Both were fine open source CMS platforms. Hearing the name sent me off on another market research journey. Who, worldwide, uses which CMS. This link answers that question and explains why it is important.

AXLR8 use WordPress for our own sites like this. We do virtually all our plugins, APIs and integrations outside the public sector in WordPress. It is free. The enormous market share means there are more tools, people, experience,and also critics.

Is it safe and secure? What is the marketshare? Would it benefit the public sector to use it more on large websites? Hopefully, the above link will be added in the mix of parameters people use to make such decisions. We have web delivery experience and skills going back over 20 years and we will work with anything our customers put in front of us. Just not sure that some of the very propietary CMS platforms are good value for the pulic sector. This is especially the case when we hear of the costs for web devs making what seem like small changes.